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I've been a Canberran since moving here from Adelaide on the first day of 1980. I now live in suburban Duffy with my partner Louise Maher, ABC 666 radio and on-line journalist. Among my early memories is following Sleepy Lizards (Shinglebacks) around the paddocks north of Adelaide, guarded by the faithful bull terrier. I have always been passionate about the natural world, trying to understand how it works, how the nature of Australia came to be, and sharing those understandings. My especial passions are birds, orchids and mammals. For much of my life I have been a full-time naturalist, running bush tours, writing books etc, doing consultancies, presenting a regular radio slot on local ABC, chairing a government environment advisory committee and running adult education classes. Recently I have eased back somewhat, but am still writing, teaching, doing some radio work and running overseas tours - as part of my fascination with our Gondwanan origins I've been running tours to South America for the past decade. I was awarded the Australian Plants Society Award in 2001 and the Australian Natural History Medallion in 2006, both for services to education and conservation. In January 2018 I was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for 'service to conservation and the environment'.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bearded Mountaineer: BACK WEDNESDAY 3 OCTOBER

This bearded mountaineer is not what or who you may have expected. It is an uncommon hummingbird found only in the high Andes of southern Peru. This one surprised me by feeding on Tree Tobacco, Nicotiana glauca, which is a common weed in inland Australia, but native to that area. (Surprised only because of its Australian associations for me.)
Note the purplish 'beard' standing out from the breast.

As my other heading suggests, I'll be away now until next Wednesday. (We're driving up to Armidale, about 800km north on the New England plateau, to attend a wedding. While willingly fulfilling my responsibilities, I'll make a bit of time en route, and in Armidale pre-wedding, to do a bit of natural historising - I'm sure you'll hear about it.)


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Ian Fraser said...

Hi and thanks for the feedback (for some reason your comment was consigned to Spam and I've only just seen it). I'm new at the blogging game, and while I've looked up a bit about RSS feeds, I'm still not clear as to what the advantage of them is to readers (eg you). If you felt like explaining it to me - or just referring me to some info - I'll be happy to take it on board. Reply directly if you like to calochilus51@internode.on.net.